Dance Classes

  • NATD

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    National Association Of Teachers Of Dancing Graded Syllabus Classes

    Learning syllabus work is an essential foundation for dancers to build strength, stamina and correct technique, and in our NATD syllabus classes you will learn the syllabus set by the NATD and progress through graded examinations.
    In some of our lower graded classes, we combine Ballet, Tap and Modern in to one 60 minute or 90 minute class per week. Once the student has reached a higher level subjects may be split into separate classes across the week to give adequate time for learning. If there is not already a class in our schedule that would suit your level please do contact us to find the right class for you.
    We usually aim to hold an exam session around once per year, but if you want to learn the syllabus and not take examinations that is fine you can still progress through the levels. We invite students in these classes to take part in shows and performances, and once again, participation is optional.

    What to wear to these classes?

    To start wear comfortable clothes that allow easy movement. Soft-soled shoes for Ballet and Modern, hard soled shoes for Tap. Once you settle in there is a set uniform which must be worn for examinations that is available to purchase through us – please do check with us first what this is if you plan to buy elsewhere, if you purchase items that are not allowed in the examination you may have to buy again!
    We have a selection of good-quality second hand dancewear available which may be a more affordable option if you are starting out. If you would like to sell your out-grown items back to us please contact us.
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  • Pre School

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    Preschool Dance

    45 Minute Class

    Our Preschool Dance is the perfect introduction to dance and music for children aged 2.5-4 years. The class is created by us and tailored to the abilities of the children in the class, using music and rhymes that they will be familiar with. We use our knowledge of dance progression to create a class that is stimulating and fun, while simultaneously laying the foundations for children to enter formal dance training when they are older, if they wish. In a safe and friendly environment children are encouraged to make friends, sing songs and learn to listen to music while exploring playful movement and expressions.
    A Preschool Dance class is 45 minutes in length. Parents are welcome to stay and watch for the first few weeks to help children settle in, but once they are used to the class we prefer parents to wait outside as having a family member in the room tends to distract the children. Younger children who are attending this dance class for the first time are not expected to understand that they must stand in a line and listen to the teacher, and we understand that they may run around a bit and not want to join in at first. If this happens with your child please do not worry about being a distraction! It is completely natural and children gradually understand what to do in class.
    We always have two teachers in this class, plus a few of our older pupils who come along to help so there are always lots of hands available. We ask that if children are not quite potty trained that they wear a pull-up nappy if possible to prevent accidents.

    A lesson typically includes:

    Modern dance – seated exercises stretching the toes and ankles and legs, skipping and marching, fun character dance routines; Ballet dance – Simple plies and rises, learning 1st position, pointing and raising the legs are all taken in a circle holding hands to help with both stability and to help the children to bond and make friends. Simple arm sequences start the children learning the five positions of the arms; Musical interpretation – we use various pieces of music to stimulate imaginations by listening to specially-created musical pieces and asking the children to interpret what they hear into movement, for example types of weather, moods, animals etc; Mime – We use story-telling to for the children to act out the action in the story. A very popular part of the lesson!; Introduction to music – a variety of fun simple instruments are used to help the children learn to hear and follow the beat in a piece of music.

    What to wear to this class?

    We do not pressure parents to purchase an outfit for this class so please bring you child in whatever is comfortable for them to move in. Children can wear fun tutus and dressing-up type clothing if you wish but this may not be comfortable or practical for them to move in. Many of the children purchase the pale blue NATD uniform of leotard and skirt, wrap cardigan and headband, especially if they enjoy the class and are thinking of moving up to the next level when they reach 4 years. If you would like to purchase the uniform please speak to us in lesson. Second-hand items are always a good economical option to consider for younger children as their feet grow fast the shoes do not get much wear.
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  • Freestylerz

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    45 minute class

    Aimed at boys and girls 5-11 years, our Freestylerz class is ideal for children who just want to move!
    No set syllabus or exams, no uniform, no pressure…this is a fun weekly class to have fun, learn something new and burn off some energy!
    Freestyle is exactly what it sounds like – we create fun routines that have a mixture of all types of dance and movement styles, set to the latest pop music.
    We mainly use street and pop dance but we will mix in influences to suit the age range and interests of the children in the class.

    What to wear to this class?

    Whatever you feel comfortable in! Joggers or leggings, T-shirts, hoodies and trainers are what most children wear in this class. There is a printed Freestylerz T-shirt available to purchase from us if you wish.
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    Coming Soon! Freestylerz for 12-16 year olds. Contact us for more details

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  • Townsend Tappers

    Townsend Tappers
    Townsend Tappers

    60 minute class

    Our adult tap class, in which we have a mixture of ages from 16 years up, and the abilities range from beginners to advanced. It is relaxed and fun…but with a few tricky rhythms and steps thrown in to keep you challenged!
    As the stance to achieve is relaxed knees and ankles but with slightly raised heels thorough-out most steps used within an hour class, Tap is an excellent form of exercise for toning and stretching ankles, legs and bums.
    Learning the steps and being able to recall them for a sequence is great memory-training, and quickly shifting balance – or having one foot do one thing whilst the other does something else! – is fantastic for improving co-ordination.
    Anyone can learn to tap, especially those who can’t resist tapping their toes to the rhythm when they hear a piece of music they love!
    We combine free rhythms, fun routines and exercises breaking down technical steps so that all can learn to the level that suits them.
    If you have previous experience this is not just a class for beginners, we can adjust steps and routines in class to fit any level.

    What to wear to this class?

    For health and safety reasons it is best not to wear long trousers that cover your shoe in case you trip, so comfortable trousers that sit on the top of the foot or leggings are best, with any top you feel comfortable in and can move about in freely. There are printed Betty Townsend tops available to purchase if you would like. Tap shoes are needed but you can start off in firm soled shoes and purchase Tap shoes once you are ready. You can purchase your new or second hand Tap shoes from us.
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  • Betty's Ballet

    Betty’s Ballet…Join us at the Barre!

    60 minute class

    We believe that ballet is not just for children, it is a fantastic form of exercise for adults too! Come and ‘join us at the barre’ and we’re sure you will agree.
    A traditional ballet class contains everything you want from an exercise class; mainly strengthening exercises for all areas of the body plus cardio to burn fat of course, but also it’s a great work out for the mind and soul too.
    Attend a regular ballet class and you will gain both strength and grace, long, lean muscles and good posture, and which will leave you with a feeling of calm and elegance that cannot be gained in any other exercise class.
    While you concentrate your mind to learning the positions and steps you will work out without realising how hard you’ve worked. You’ll learn steps which have been being performed for hundreds of years and you’ll be picking up French as you go.
    Any level of experience welcome, we will adjust the content of the class to suit those attending.

    What to wear to this class?

    Don’t be put off by the thought of wearing a leotard! No leotard and tights necessary, although the teacher will need to see your legs and hips to be sure you are placed correctly so leggings or yoga pants and a slim fitting T-shirt are ideal. If you would feel more comfortable a bit more covered up, you can purchase a ballet skirt from us.
    Start off with soft-soled shoes that you can move your feet about in safely and comfortably – try flexing and point your toes, and rise onto tip-toes to check if the heels slip off – but you will probably want to purchase ballet shoes after a couple of weeks. You can buy shoes from us and we will help you find the right fit.
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  • Fitness Freestyle

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    Our fitness classes are created by us, using our knowledge of safe and effective exercises combined with our ability to choreograph dance routines. We feel this makes for a much more interesting lesson than your average keep fit or aerobics class you might encounter at a gym!
    We combine cardio, toning and stretching exercises seamlessly into simple dance routines, which are much more fun to learn than just repeating sets! As dance teachers we also like to really use the music within routines, rather than just as a beat in the background. Content of our classes is refreshed every 6 weeks with new exercises and music to keep the classes both interesting and physically challenging.
    As the teacher of each class will set the content, the class you attend will be created with you in mind, if there’s something you’d like us to add or remove just let us know! A piece of music you like? We will add it.
    Our fitness classes are designed for all ages from 16 years and up, you decide which class would suit you.
    Fitness Freestyle is a high-intensity dance-based aerobic class, which includes strengthening and toning exercises for all areas of the body, a warm-up, a cool-down and stretching.
    Set to music to make you want to move, you’ll have fun while getting in shape.

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  • Gentle Fitness

    Gentle Fitness is a lower-intensity dance-based gentle exercise class involving some aerobic exercise set to various music styles/genres. Exercises include targeted toning for legs and bums, arms, standing tum, stretch, joint mobilisation exercises with a warm-up and cool-down.
    This class would be ideal for those who are just getting back into exercise or for the older person as it is not too intense.
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  • Armchair-a-cise

    Seated exercise for the elderly and those with limited mobility

    Exercise is important, and sometimes difficult to do when you have limited mobility. Whether by attending one of our community-based classes, in a care environment or in the comfort of your own home, our Armchair-a-cise is designed to help keep you moving, with friendly and stimulating classes.

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